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14% [table]

14% [table] is a table with a slant tabletop where the original function of a table - to hold objects which are put on it - is transferred to a special anti-slip tablecloth.

The name of the table is derived from its degree of tilt. The table slopes at an angle of 14 % from one corner to the other. This way the table loses one of its archetypal properties - to hold objects which are put on it. As these objects naturally follow gravity, most of them slide down on the slant surface and finally slip off the edge of the table.

The loss of function arising out of the slant of the table is revoked through a special tablecloth. This tablecloth is made of a special Gecko fabric with an anti-slip coating on its bottom, which prevents the tablecloth to slip off the table. At the top and bottom ends the top of the Gecko fabric is equipped with silkscreen stripes consisting of a special anti-slip ink. These prevent objects which are put on it to slip down and thus restore the original function of the table. By contrast on the untreated parts of the tablecloth most objects slip off just like they do on the "bare" table.

For liquid foods and beverages the slant of the table creates an unusual picture, because they display the horizontal level just as a water level would do. This way glasses and soup plates cannot be filled completely.

At the lower end of the table a regular chair provides a sitting position in the ideal height, while at the upper end a common barstool has the ideal sitting height. The performing nature of the table caricatures hierarchical structures by setting the persons taking a seat into a hierarchical relation, if higher is interpreted as superior and lower as inferior.

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14% [table]

14% [table]

14% [table]



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