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questioning the established

Under the title "Questioning the Established" Laszlo Rozsnoki developed a range of furniture with a certain twist. As starting point of his work he analyzed archetypes of various objects in order to develop a concept of "the established" as an "ideal counter-image" for his design.

If members of the same cultural circle are asked to describe or draw an object of daily use, the resulting descriptions and drawings will generally display formal as functional similarities which are more or less exemplary. This is due to the fact that people with the same cultural background usually associate the notion of a product with a certain concept, which can be labeled as an archetype.

From an activity-oriented point of view the archetype of a product can be derived from its intended use for which it has to meet certain functional requirements. Consequently, the form of an archetype often follows the respective functions of a designed product. So a basic similarity of archetypal images emerges from the need to develop similar functions, which is mirrored in the respective product. This mutual dependence, which ties the depicted form usefully to its function, is pronounced in the design principle ?form follows function? which implies a functional, rational and purposeful design approach.

Based on these considerations, the design concept "Questioning the established" developed products, which transform essential elements of the archetypes in functional, physical, sensory, formal and contextual ways. Through these shifts the newly designed products differ in key elements from the archetypal scheme. These obvious differences between the archetypal templates and the newly designed products ironize their established models. As a result a relocation of perception is achieved, which causes surprise, amazement and / or an affirmative laughter at the recipient. In this case these reactions indicate the "exceptional" character or "unprecedented/never-seen-before" nature of the products. This kind of product design raises a functional, uniform, purposeful design to question. Based on this outlined background the products could be attributed to the Dutch design area "vrije vormgeving", which ranges in between traditional design and visual arts.

On the basis of this design concept Laszlo Rozsnoki developed a range of furniture consisting of share-a-chair, 14 % [table] and ropeshelf.

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share-a-chair share-a-chair share-a-chair share-a-chair

14% [table] 14% [table] 14% [table] 14% [table]

ropeshelf ropeshelf ropeshelf ropeshelf



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